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January 1, 2015, Eskimo Tom of Fine Wood Water Craft will no longer create custom designs as I ramp up for retirement.

You may continue to purchase the existing designs.

If you want the www.finewoodwatercraft.com domain name, feel free to contact me.

Personal Boat Designs

I design wood canoe and kayak plans with one person in mind - YOU!

Fine Wood Water Craft offers one-to-one custom design services so you can have a wood canoe or wood kayak designed uniquely for you at a reasonable price.


Wood Canoes, Kayaks
and More

The designs you find here were created for others and are available for purchase. They will give you an idea of what others like you had in mind and perhaps stimulate or refine your ideas.

On this site you will find designs available which were created for others. I still specialize in custom hulls for people.

About the Service

For the last 10 years I have been offering custom design for stitch and glue canoes and kayaks. This hobby serves as an outlet for my interest in small wood water craft.

Reasonable Rates

For existing plans, that is designs currently available, the price is $65.00 USD.

The fee for custom design work is an additional $10.00 USD for a total of $75.00 USD.

Payment Options

I currently accept payment via Google Wallet and Paypal. Paypal will accept credit card payments.


Email: finewoodwatercraft (at) gmail (dot) com

Telephone: (763) 412-9503

St Cloud - Cold Spring - Richmond Minnesota USA